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We are a leading UK payday loan broker who specialise in flexible short-term lending of between £100-£1000 to bridge that gap until your next payday. We can provide extra funds in a secure and uncomplicated way to cover your immediate financial problems and help you with that unexpected expense like a income tax bill or just provide that special treat for you or a loved one. When wage day is a few weeks away and you need that extra help, we can come to the rescue and help you avoid bank interest and credit card charges that often make a conventional small loan too expensive.


Face Up To The Unexpected Expenses With A Quick Injection Of Funds

Everyone faces the unexpected and sometimes we need a little extra to tide us through until our next wage packet. With os you can determine how much you want to borrow and when (within a month) you want to pay it back, we make it easy and simple and take away the worry and stress of how you can cover that bill, get that repair done or simply purchase something special for a present or yourself that is too good to miss. If you know your payday is around the corner and you need some help getting there you can simply cover with your next cheque, we can be your Knight in shining armor.

How do I Get My Hands On The Wonga?

Securing an advance is easy. Simply fill out the online application form, stating the amount you want to borrow and the date you will repay it. We make borrowing the money straightforward and trouble-free you will not have to worry about waiting for a cheque. If you need to change the amount and repayment date, no problem, we understand things are not always straightforward so we make our payday loans flexible to ensure they work for you, simply change the amount and repayment date before you hit ‘Apply’ ensuring you will be able to repay the loan on the repayment date and you are on your way to a quick cash advance and a solution to your short term problems.
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Payday Loan in 15 Minutes!

Once your pay day loan is authorised, your money can arrive in your bank account within the hour. understand fast monetory solutions should mean just that and guarantee that funds are deposited into your account within 24 hours from the time of your application.

Fast wage day advances can be solved in many ways, you can go to your bank or building society which can sometimes involve a long, time consuming process of paperwork or you can simply ask family and friends which can often prove uncomfortable and put them in a difficult position. Cash Advance provide quick easy short term payday loans that are secure, fast and worry free allowing you to get on with life in the knowledge that your short term cash flow problem is no more. allows you to borrow money when you are in a fix. As long as you are able to pay back your borrowings on the specified date, Cash Advance loans are the perfect solution for people who don’t like being in debt but need the occasional helping hand and we are here to do just that.