Cash Advance Charges


* Repaid on your next pay day. Fees may vary per lender.

Representative APR 1737% (variable)

Cash Advance.Co.UK offers a competitive APR loan rate which, at first glance may seem a little high but demonstrates an annual percentage rate taken over 12 months. Cash Advance.Co.UK payday loans are short term cash advance loans and our representative APR rate taken across a single month period can often work out as a more affordable option than incurring overdraft penalties and credit card charges. Cash Advance.Co.UK short term payday loans are an affordable short term cash flow advance that when used responsibly, are a convenient option to providing consumers a temporary solution until their next payday.

Representative Loan Example

• Borrow £180 for 28 days.
• Total amount payable – £225.
• Interest rate p.a. 1737% (default).
• Interest payable – £45