* Repaid on your next payday. Fees may vary per lender.

Cash Advance.Co.UK are one of the UK’s leading short term Payday loan providers who remove the complexity and hassle consumers often faced when borrowers need to access cash in a hurry. search a vast amount of Lenders to match your application with the best Lender suited to you to offer you a fast and problem free payday loan.

Cash Advance.Co.UK can help solve your short term cash flow problems and avoid costly overdraft and returned cheque fees. If you are a UK resident, 18 years or over, are currently employed and hold a current bank account, Cash Advance.Co.UK can provide a quick short term loan to see you through until your next pay cheque. By simply completing our quick online application form, you can receive a loan offer within seconds from £100-£1000 for you to use exactly as you wish. Cash Advance.Co.UK can help provide a solution to your temporary cash flow problems or simply to use for that luxury treat that can’t be missed.

Unlike a Bank, our website is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and with the majority of our lenders operating 7 days a week, your loan can be deposited into your account even at the weekend.
Cash Advance.Co.UK work closely with our Lenders to establish a strong relationship and provide all our customers with the very best customer service possible.

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We aim to answer all enquires within 2hrs of receipt.